About Go TECH

Go T.E.C.H. (Teams Encouraging Campus Health) is an initiative that involves the entire Georgia Tech  community in increasing awareness of health and wellness activities on our campus. By joining together we  can serve as a catalyst to develop healthy, balanced lifestyles for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

University-wide health coalitions, similar to Go T.E.C.H., are beginning to surface at colleges across the  nation. By collaborating with campus stakeholders specifically invested in health-related matters, the  Institute will benefit in the following ways:

  • Streamline events and programs on campus
  • Assess the needs of the Georgia Tech community
  • Review health-related policies
  • Provide unified communication for campus wellness events and information

Executive Committee

A small group of passionate leaders committed to Georgia Tech Health and Well-Being. This committee meets monthly, providing guidance and leadership to the Go T.E.C.H. Well-Being Committee and oversight of the committees within.

  • Executive Chair: Suzy Harrington (H&WB)
  • Co-Chairs: Vlad Oge (PH) and Caroline Dotts (CRC)

Well-Being Council

The Well-Being Council is comprised of a wide representation of Georgia Tech employees and students. The council also brings together several action committees to “move the needle” around campus health and well-being.

Action Committees

The Go T.E.C.H. Action Committees are comprised of subject matter experts to “move the needle” on annual “hot topics” through programs, services, policies, and campaigns. The Action Committees are built upon the needs of the Georgia Tech community and may change year to year.

2016/2017 Action Committees:

  • Monthly Messaging and Academic Engagement
  • Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Employee Health and Well-Being
  • Go T.E.C.H. Special Projects Committee 

Want more information on how to join an Action Committee or get involved with Go T.E.C.H.? Contact Caroline Dotts to get plugged in!