Caring Coins

Georgia Tech Health & Well-Being has partnered with the Cowan-Turner Servant Leadership Program and The Institute for Leadership & Entrepreneurship (ILE), to promote a caring campus each November.

The Cowan-Turner Servant Leadership Program seeks to promote the knowledge, understanding, and practice of servant leadership throughout Georgia Tech based on the works of Robert K. Greenleaf. The importance of caring was captured in his credo.

Caring for persons, the more able and the less able serving each other, is the rock upon which a good society is built. Whereas, until recently, caring was largely person to person, now most of it is mediated through institutions - often large, complex, powerful, impersonal; not always competent; sometimes corrupt. 

If a better society is to be built, one that is more just, more loving and that provides greater creative opportunities for its people, then the most open course is to raise both the capacity to serve and the very performance of existing major institutions by new regenerative forces operating within them.

The Institution as Servant (1972)

The best test, and difficult to administer is:

Do those who serve grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants?

The Institution as Leader (1970)

The caring coin is dedicated to the memory of Mr. William B. Turner (IM, 1943/1922-2017). Mr. Turner devoted his life's energies to caring for his family, his organization, his community, the nation, and Georgia Tech. He was a man who demonstrated his care for others by living as a servant leader.

Caring coins have been distributed to students, faculty, and staff. Coin holders will pass their coin onto someone in the GT community whose caring nature has impacted them or when they witness a notable act of caring. After passing their coin, they will fill out the form below explaining why they passed on their coin to recognize and immortalize caring acts at Georgia Tech.