Celebrate National Bike to Work Day - Friday, May 18th

How long have you been biking to Georgia Tech? What got you started?

I have been biking to work at Georgia Tech for just over five years. I started when I moved to Midtown, as my two mile trip takes twelve minutes by bike and twenty by car….on a good day.

What is your favorite part about biking to work?

Riding is my meditation, my happy place. I put away distractions and focus on where I am. The bike allows me to start each day with a sense of contentment, adventure, and time outside, so that I arrive to work full of energy and ready to go.

What advice would you offer someone who is interested in starting?

Anyone new to bike commuting should take the bike safety class from GTPD and PTS and ride with an experienced and safety-conscious rider to build experience, knowledge, and confidence on the road. Cyclists love to ride and talk about riding, so don’t think it’s an imposition to ask someone to ride with you but most of us would be thrilled to help you discover the joy of the bike.

Any interesting stories about your commute you would like to share?

The bike turns every trip into an adventure, if for no other reasons than it allows you to interact with the world around you. For two years, I biked my son to school every day, where I met a bike commuter and member of the GT community member, Wayne Whiteman, and whether we would ride together or pass one another with a cheerful “good morning,” seeing him always made my day. Last week, I was walking down a hallway on campus and found myself staring at a familiar face, but one I could not place; it was Wayne, and though I had known him for years, I did not recognize him without his bike and helmet!     

What is one thing you can’t bike to work without? 

My helmet.

What are some safety tips you recommend for new bikers? 

Wear a helmet that is properly adjusted, make yourself stand out with bright colors and flashing lights, know the rules of the road, and use your eyes and ears to be fully aware of your surroundings. 

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  • Bike to Work Day

    Bike to Work Day