CRC Instructional Course Spotlight: Muay Thai Kickboxing

The Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) offers a wide range of instructional courses that increase fitness levels and provide fun opportunities for CRC members. Muay Thai Kickboxing is the second most popular instructional class at the CRC. Instructional classes combine the motivation of group fitness with the personalization of individualized instruction. These courses are progressive and build each week. We spoke with Troy Logan, Muay Thai trainer of over 20 years and CRC instructor, to learn more about this sport.  

Q: What is Muay Thai kickboxing?

A: Muay Thai or Thai boxing is an ancient martial art known for stand up striking. The term Muay Tai translated in English is "the art of eight limbs". It is called this due to its use of punches, kicks, elbow, and knees when striking. The "eight limbs" are two fists, two elbows, two knees, two feet. 

Q: What makes Muay Thai kickboxing different from other forms of kickboxing?

A:  Muay Thai is different from other forms of fighting in terms of its focus. The focus in Muay Thai is to inflict damage to an opponent by using crushing kicks, punches, elbows, and knee strikes. Muay Thai is the primary art used by today's MMA fighters. The United States Navy SEALS are also trained in Muay Thai. 

Q: What are some advantages of practicing Muay Thai?

A: The advantages of taking Muay Thai are numerous. Students who participate will see improvements in their overall health as their conditioning, strength, agility, balance, and speed will increase. There will also be psychological and mental benefits as focus, concentration, self-confidence, and self-discipline improve. Perhaps the most valuable benefit of training is the ability to learn a unique skill set that has been battle tested and proven to be effective in and out of the ring. 

Q: As a trainer, what do you enjoy most about teaching others?

A: As a master instructor of Muay Thai kickboxing, I am able to share what I have learned over the years with other people. Teaching others gives me the opportunity to help and connect to people, and in some cases dramatically impact their lives. Muay Thai training is a powerful tool of transformation, whether it's practiced by someone who lacks confidence, experiences the negative impact of bullying or who just wants to train.

Q:  How can CRC members become involved with Muay Thai?

A: Anyone can join the Muay Thai Kickboxing class by just registering at the front desk of the CRC. Typically, the course is broken down into 2 sessions. One session begins at the start of a semester and the last session begins around the midway point of the semester. Anyone with questions can contact me directly via email at

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