Cultivating Caring at Georgia Tech

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Caring is often demonstrated by acts of kindness and empathy for others. Promoting, nurturing, and enriching a culture of caring is essential for students, faculty, and staff to flourish and be fulfilled both individually and within Georgia Tech. Health & Well-Being, with the Cowan-Turner Servant Leadership Program and the Institute for Leadership & Entrepreneurship, challenge all students, faculty, and staff to celebrate the Georgia Tech caring culture by recognizing acts of caring all across campus.

To celebrate, 500 Caring Coins have been distributed across campus to help in this celebration. Those who have been given a Caring Coin are encourgaed to pay it forward within five to seven days for an act of caring witnessed on campus. After the coin is passed to a new recipient, the giver is asked to go to log their coin number, the recipient, and the act of caring. You will be able to see how far your coin has traveled and see the ripple effect of one single act of caring.

This set of Caring Coins is dedicated to the memory of Mr. William B. Turner (IM ’43/1922-2017). Mr. Turner devoted his life’s energies to caring for his family, his organization, his community, the nation, and Georgia Tech. He demonstrated his care for others by living as a servant leader.

For more information about this program or to log an act of caring, click here.

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