Fit to Thrive - Six Week Wellness Coaching Series

Goal setting is about more than New Year’s resolutions. Goals help you organize your resources and time so that you can live a fulfilled and flourishing life. Health initiatives is excited to provide the Georgia Tech community with a free, six-week wellness coaching program called Fit to Thrive. This program is focused on assessing your personal well-being and setting goals to get you on the right track toward a healthy lifestyle. Both students and employees are invited to learn and practice new skills related to nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, and stress management. This program takes place every Monday from February 5th through March 12th from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm in the Campus Recreation Center (CRC). CRC membership is not required to join this program.

Fit to Thrive, creator, Jocelyn Resnick, envisioned this program well before she came to Georgia Tech. Resnick said, “While studying nutrition and exercise science in undergraduate and graduate school, I noticed a gap in the approach to obesity prevention. We talk about food, physical activity, and dieting left and right, but we barely emphasize the importance of emotional, social, and spiritual well-being in obtaining a healthy lifestyle.  We forget that thriving involves a lot more than just physical weight.” This program takes a multi-prong approach to setting and achieving health and well-being related goals.

“We often associate well-being with physical health – If we practice good nutrition and engage in regular physical activity, we are healthy,” she continued.  "While that is very important in achieving a healthy lifestyle that does not account for the entire picture.” This program is designed to help you find the harmony between the five dimensions of wellness; professional, emotional, spiritual, social and physical to be your best, thriving self. 

Resnick’s hopes participants will finish with a better understanding of their own individualized health and wellbeing. This is a small class dedicated to providing a personal approach to wellness for each member. Registration is required for this program and can be found at -

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  • Fit to Thrive

    Fit to Thrive

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