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National Pharmacist Day is January 12th and a great reminder to say thank you to the men and women at Stamps Health Services (SHS) pharmacy who fill our prescriptions and educate us every day. Janet Foley has been a pharmacist at SHS for over seven years and shares with us her biggest advice for up and coming pharmacists and her favorite part of working with students every day.   

Q – Where did you attend pharmacy school?

I attended Mercer University College of Pharmacy here in Atlanta to obtain my Doctor of Pharmacy.

Q – How long have you been on staff at SHS?

Well, I was originally employed in the pharmacy here at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1999.  I took some time off when my children were young and then returned to STAMPS Health Services Pharmacy in 2009 working on an “as needed basis”.  In 2012, I was offered a 75% position which I gladly accepted, so now I work full-time from August through April.

Q- What originally interested you in entering into this career?

I knew I wanted to work in healthcare.  After speaking with a friend of the family who is a pharmacist, I decided that this would be a good career for me. I enjoy helping patients with their medication needs and questions.

Q- Describe a typical day for a pharmacist?

A typical day for a pharmacist here involves a lot of talking.  It is our duty to talk with every patient picking up a prescription, whether new or refills, to see if they have any questions or concerns about their medication.  We also spend time talking with patients who need over the counter medications to make sure they are taking the appropriate medication at the appropriate dose or making sure they seek further medical care if that is appropriate.  We want the students to feel comfortable with counseling and with asking questions so that they know we are a resource they can use.

When we are not talking with patients, we are entering prescriptions into the computer, checking the work of our technicians, screening patient profiles for drug interactions or contraindications, working through issues with doctors and insurance companies, and administering vaccines. 

Q- What do you find most rewarding about working with students at Georgia Tech?

I love working with the student population, whether it’s counseling our patients or working side-by-side with our student volunteers in the pharmacy.  For the most part, the students are receptive to and appreciate the way we practice and they generally have a bright outlook that makes our work more enjoyable.

Q- What advice do you have for future pharmacists?

Explore as many fields of pharmacy as possible before deciding which field in which you want to practice.   Complete a residency to broaden your options.  Don’t be afraid to create your own niche in the pharmacy world.

SHS pharmacy provides prescription and non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications to the Georgia Tech community including staff and faculty members. The pharmacy accepts most prescription insurance plans and can fill prescriptions from outside physicians. For more information go to

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