Lock in Campus Recreation Group Fitness Reduced Pricing Now!

Group fitness classes are the perfect opportunity to add variety to your workout as well as meet new faces at the gym. The Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) offers over 15 drop-in group fitness classes every semester. Group fitness memberships are now available at the lowest price of the year. You can lock in last year’s rates before prices rise on August 19th.

Group fitness classes are an effective way to stay motivated and physically active. They allow you to push forward with a group of individuals all focused on one goal. At CRC, our instructors are committed to creating inclusive workouts that encourage people of all fitness levels to participate. Assistant Director of Group Fitness, Elisha Smith said, “we employ inclusive trainers from all different backgrounds to create a comfortable environment for everyone who takes one of our classes. We see students, alumni, faculty, and staff of all ages in our different classes.” The group fitness memberships are available for all CRC members and can be purchased at the member services desk or by calling 404-385-7529 (PLAY). 

There are three different packages available to fit whatever may work best for you.

2018 – 2019 Packages:

Fall 2018 Membership (August 20th to December 21st) - $68

Fall 2018 and spring 2019 Membership (August 20th to April 26th) - $140

Fall 2018 through summer 2019 (August 20th to July 26th) - $195

Take your workout to the next level with a group fitness membership before prices increase! Classes are 45 minutes long and available morning, noon, and night to fit your busy schedule. For a list of the classes currently offered this summer, go to crc.gatech.edu/group-fitness.

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