March CRC Member Spotlight - Anna Deal

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a second year Biochemistry major from Statesboro GA, which is about 45 mins from Savannah. I have enjoyed staying pretty active throughout my whole life. I cheered in middle school and high school and have been a member of a few different gyms in my hometown which is where I fell in love with fitness as a lifestyle. Fitness classes are definitely my favorite way to work out because you get to learn a variety of moves and the group atmosphere provides positive, the upbeat energy you couldn’t get working out on your own. My passion lies in the medical field and I hope one day to become a doctor, specializing in orthopedic surgery.

How long have you been a member with the CRC?

I have been a member since August 2016, the fall of my freshman year. However, I did not start taking full advantage of all the CRC has to offer until fall of 2017. I was taking APPH 1050 and had to come here for the exercise aspect of the class and it really introduced me to what a wonderful, multifaceted place the CRC is.

Where are we most likely to find you in the CRC? What is your favorite part of the CRC?

If I am working out at the CRC, you will undoubtedly find me in the studios! I love the GIT FIT classes and work to fit as many into my schedule as I can. One of my favorite times to be at the CRC is working out up there with my personal trainer, Becky. We typically meet twice a week and it is usually pretty quiet up there with great equipment on the track. If I am not up there, I am probably on the fitness floor using the ergs or treadmills…most likely dying from doing a workout Becky put together for me and using heavier weights down there. 

Which dimension of wellness do you feel most connected to while engaging with the CRC (professional, spiritual, social, physical, or emotional)?

I’d have to say that I’m definitely well connected to my physical and mental wellness at the CRC. Stepping into the CRC is almost like a break from reality at times. When I’m there the stresses of life are put on hold and I can zone into my workout. However, the CRC has allowed me to connect to my emotional and social sides as well. The people that go to GIT FIT classes are always so nice, welcoming, and upbeat and Becky has certainly been one of the most encouraging and motivating people in my life. Being around these people in such a positive environment has helped me to find balance in my life and emotions, specifically when it comes to stress. As I stated before, the CRC really is a place that I can escape to and connect with myself and others while working on my physical wellness. 

What is your most fun CRC story?

I don’t know what my most fun story is. Although, anytime you are with Becky she never fails to have a hilarious story to tell or incredible people to introduce me to. Also, the intramural teams are one of the most fun aspects of the CRC. Flag football gets so competitive, especially the women’s league.

What else should we know that we have not asked you yet?

I think that the GIT FIT classes are such a great way to meet a wide variety of people you wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise. I also think they are a great way to figure out what work out style works best for you. Before I met Becky, I was scared to go to the fitness floor and lift weights. I thought it was mainly for guys and that I should stick to an elliptical or a treadmill. However, by going to the classes I was able to see that the best work out for you is really what you enjoy doing even if it seems like it is not “normal.” Getting involved with the CRC has really made me more comfortable and confident in many areas of my life.

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