Mind Full? Embrace Mindfulness.

This month, Health & Well-Being encourages the Georgia Tech community to be present by practicing mindfulness at least once every day. Mindfulness, or the art of being present, is a practical skill that will help you focus on those big important tasks, like studying for the GRE, and those little daily details that can get lost in the shuffle. Practicing mindfulness will help you to not get caught up in the daily stress of life which can make you less productive, less successful, and ultimately less happy.

Practicing mindfulness regularly has been proven to help boost creativity and problem-solving and improve working memory and focus. There are many opportunities for you to practice mindfulness here at Georgia Tech. We suggest taking a quick break from your day with one of the “50 ways” or participating in some of the mindfulness-related events happening on campus, such as Yoga for EveryBody and Mindful Movement at the CRC.

For more information about mindfulness, being present, and related on campus visit hwb.gatech.edu.

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  • 50 Ways to Take a Break

    50 Ways to Take a Break

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