New Turnstiles at the Campus Recreation Center (CRC)

This September, the Department of Campus Recreation introduced new turnstiles to our facility. These turnstiles have a number of operational modes and features that provide a superb combination of security, safety and high user throughput. Best of all, they are completely and easily accessible for individuals with disabilities-no more clunky gates!

We understand that our new access point may take some time to get used to. Here are steps for use:

1. Step up to lane. (Please note: If you step too far into the gate a security alarm will sound.)

2. Show your BuzzCard to the attendant and then place your BuzzCard over the scanner.

3. You should see a yellow light at the top of the scanner. Wait for this light to turn green before proceeding through the doors. It may take a few seconds.

4. When you want to exit, simply step up to the gate, and the doors will open automatically. No need to tap your BuzzCard.

5. Finally, don’t panic! If you have trouble with entry, our friendly facilities staff is there to assist.

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