Top Five Hiking Trails Around Atlanta

     June 2nd marks National Trails Day, and we’re celebrating by letting you know the top hiking sites in the Atlanta area according to Campus Recreation (CRC) staff. Although Tech is in the heart of Midtown, we are fortunate to have several wooded regions, parks, and trails in the greater Atlanta area that have been preserved for environmental stewardship, as well as for a nice outing to backpack, stroll along or even bike!

Here’s our list of top five favorites:

1. Northside Trail

     Northside Trail is located in Tanyard Creek Park within the Atlanta Beltline. It was actually the first publicly accessible portion of the Beltline during its early development.

Northside has open and grassy areas with beautiful scenery. The trail’s spaciousness also makes it a great place to bring your dog to join in your journey through nature!

2. Morningside Nature Preserve

     Morningside Nature Preserve is a plan initiated by the Wildwood Urban Forest Committee to protect 30 acres of woodlands in the Northeast Atlanta area from development. As a result of that movement to protect these lands, you have the opportunity to hike on the nature trails, as well as take a tour and be educated on the wildlife there!

3. Cochran Shoals Columns Drive

     Atlanta is largely landlocked, but there are still aquatic beauties to be found here like Cochran Shoals Columns Drive. The expansive trails near the shoals make them both a great hiking and biking spot. For general recreation, Cochran Shoals has a handful of picnic areas, side streams, ponds, and even ruins to relax around and explore.

4. Six Springs Wetlands

     The Six Springs Wetlands is described as a patch of natural forest in the midst of a concrete one. As its name implies, there are six identified springs in this natural marvel which occurred over a long period of time by rainfall and flow of groundwater rising from below the surface. Around it is several trails to enjoy a leisurely trek during National Trails Day weekend.

5. Winn Park

     Winn Park is a small park that is considered a low-key find in Atlanta. It is serene with greenery and is a notably quiet location. Winn Park often seems “unknown” to even locals in Midtown. But now you're in the know!

     The CRC can help you enjoy your June 2nd outdoors to the fullest! The Outdoor Recreation office located in the CRC is open Monday through Thursday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, and Friday 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. If you visit their front desk, you can rent outdoor gear ranging from camping, cooking, backpacking or anything you would need to traverse one of these trails. Happy hiking!


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  • National Trails Day

    National Trails Day