Certified Healthy Departments

Georgia Tech is committed to promoting, nurturing and enriching a community of health, well-being and caring for all employees. Certified Healthy Departments was created to recognize departments at Georgia Tech that have demonstrated a commitment to fostering healthy lifestyle choices while at work. The application focuses on the 5 dimensions of well-being in a two-pronged approach: department leadership and department participation. Your department does not need to do all of the items listed below to become certified; rather, take this opportunity to have conversations around what your department is currently doing - and would like to be doing - to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Why Is Certified Healthy Important?

By becoming a Certified Healthy Department, your department has demonstrated a commitment to fostering health lifestyle choices while at work. In addition, Georgia Tech Staff Council will award four departments with a $250 grant to promote health and well-being among your employees. Directions on how to apply for this grant are found at the bottom of the application. For questions about completing this application or Certified Healthy Departments, please contact Caroline Dotts

Check out our partner, Office of Campus Sustainability, and their Work Green Program 

Certified Healthy Departments will be announced at the President’s Walk, Thursday, May 11, 2017.

Healthy Departments - Certification Levels

There are three levels of certification recognizing commitment to healthy lifestyle choices at work:

>> Striving For Healthy Department – Identified some well-being practices in at least one (1) dimension

>> Certified Healthy Department – Identified, on average, 50% or more well-being practices in multiple dimensions

>> Gold Certified Healthy Department – Identified a majority of well-being practices in most or all dimensions