Health Trails

Health Trails will continue throughout the summer! Students, faculty and staff are invited to take part in the 6-week long competition beginning June 19! The program will be designed to allow you to track the following three activities: steps walked, sleep, and self-compassion. Simply set up your Fitbit or Jawbone device to the HealthTrails app and take on the virtual challenge for automatic tracking of your steps walked. 

Registration & Tracking

Summer Registration: June 5 - July 17

  1. Visit
  2. Register for HealthTrails using your Georgia Tech email address. 

This program will allow you to focus on tracking three healthy habits every day of this 6-week long program. All three healthy habits contribute to your total virtual mileage traveled. Steps walked accounts for 60% of your total virtual miles moved, while both sleep and self compassion account for the other 40% of your virtual travel.

Georgia Tech Incentives

Participate to be entered to win any of the following items:

  • Four (4) Georgia Tech Champion Packable Jackets
  • Four (4) Georgia Tech Champion Long Sleeve Jersey Tees
  • Three (3) Georgia Tech Carolina Sewn Medium Canvas Tote with Georgia Tech goodies
  • Three (3) Georgia Tech Vulcano Tumbler Mugs with Georgia Tech Key holder
  • Two (2) Georgia Tech Tankard Drinking Glass with Georgia Tech Key holder