Track your Kindness Coin

Coin Number Act of Kindness Giver Name Recipient Name Location
Always pleasant and seeks to address questions and problems with a kind nature and smile.
Bob Thomas Gail Greene Scheller
271 Support of all student athletes Bob Thomas Chris Breen Scheller College of Business
KeShun is a student leader, defensive end for the Yellow Jackets, and my former student. He kindly organized the student-athletes to reach out and provide support to a fellow faculty member who lost her husband at a young age to a sudden heart attack.
Professor Bill Todd KeShun Freeman Scheller College of Business
On short notice, Paedia came to Georgia Tech to speak to students about the refugee issues in Georgia and the nation. She brought her wisdom, passion and over 20 years of experience in this area to the students attending the IMPACT Speaker's Program. Paedia Mixon is the Executive Director of New American Pathways.
Bob Thomas Paedia Mixon Scheller
Provides support for students with disabilities, and is attempting to create a community of other GT students to collectively and authentically develop others to contribute to and benefit from the rewards of being involved in GT's EXCEL program community.
Terry Blum Cole Bevis Scheller Building, ILE suite
151 Being extremely complimentary and making my day Marnie Harris Ike Kamalu Scheller College of Business
218 Handing out Hershey Kisses in honor of it being Friday! Anonymous Cat Edwards 5th St. Bridge
476 Waiting patiently to pick husband up Gregory Moore Molly Croft Stamps parking lot
Making me and my family feel welcome during the Oxford Study Abroad and introducing us to cultural opportunities
Roberta Berry Beki Grinter Scheller
151 Served him at dinner Ike Kamalu Daniel Ferguson CCF
224 Support and encouraging a professor who lost a family member. Bill Todd KeShun Freeman Schellar College of Business
419 Surprised Health Promotion with Valentine treats Tammy Turner Karen K. Yiu Health Promotion
Stephanie decorated my door with a birthday banner and tied a mylar balloon to my door handle!
Karen Yiu Stephanie Ray Smithgall Student Services Building
Organized an event bringing over 50 guests to a Men's Basketball game providing an opportunity that many would not have had without her dedication and willingness to share.
Phyllis LaBaw Whitney Burton McCamish
146 Manuel De Juan Drew Vidovich Crecine
491 Helping me out with tents Paul Strouts Sujay Peramanu Paul's office
491 Helping me advertise PTS's awesome video Sujay Peramanu Kate Ford SGA Office
247 Craig Womack Sarah-Scott Lewis Scheller CoB
491 Favor for someone! Sujay Permanu Kate Ford SGA Office
Melissa "Missy" frequently exhibits acts of kindness to everyone she engages! Today, she shared treats and a card for each of her team mates for valentines day!
Charvette Webb Melissa "Missy" Busscher GTHR - Talent Acquisition
Calmed me down and took lead on a project that we all knew she was extraordinarily busy that week. Her understanding and compassion for me was amazing
Leanne Francis Megean Terry Scheller
He went out of his way to apologize to someone for something he said. He wasn't sure if it was insulting.
Drew Vidovich Andrew MOSE
113 Connie brought me back a funny gift for my office from a recent trip she took. Lisa Sills Connie Masters 250 14th St.
193 For stepping up in a time of need Marnie Harris Pamela Dempsey Scheller College of Business
Induja works selflessly for DSP, our professional business fraternity. She spent a few hours helping distribute valentines as our fundraiser even though she had a test coming up.
Apurva Kasam Induja Kannan Scheller College of Business
#434 of 500
Dr. Galante helped the Blue Care Team by taking on an additional patient at the end of the day to aid in relieving another physician's workload. His kindness aided in expediting the care of the patient. It's this kind of teamwork that makes us appreciative of the kindness Dr. Galante displays in his daily care of our students.
Denise Fair Dr. Angelo Galante Stamps Health Services
Using social media to show the good side of every situation and constantly perpetuate positivity on campus (also for bringing her sorority Valentine's Day treats)
The wonderful Leanne Francis Alec Hendrix All over (and Alpha Gamma Delta)
019 Being an awesome and nice person to everyone she meets Adam Clenney Shirali Desai Everywhere she goes
Dr. Bakir brought in a ton of nice chocolates to give to his class on
Valentine's day. He treated about 40 students with a simple treat that let them know they were appreciated! His act of kindness inspired me to recognize him with the kindness coin.
Cole Bevis Dr. Muhannad Bakir ES&T Building
108 Helping out Lizzie Lisenby Bennett Garland Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons
Sharing her inspiring story of her career with several classes, and the relevance that people with fixed and open mindsets had on her development. She serves, with emotional intelligence, candor, and inspiration.
Terry Blum Carlee Bishop Scheller College of Business
Stayed late to assist with an emergency patient and helped another provider with preparing patient for a procedure
Debbie Spillers Stephen Holbrook Stamps Health Services
Anne Lynch went out of her way to return a lunch bag that was found in a conference room that she knew belonged to one of my co-workers instead of letting the food spoil overnight.
Nicole Little Anne Lynch Scheller College of Business
54 Opened and held the door for ~15 guys. Kenon Bates Paul Anderson College of Business
Providing recent support and affirmation as a colleague and always being willing to volunteer to go above and beyond to help others.
Lee Helmken Melanie DeMaeyer The Women's Resource Center
Taking care of visiting student athletes when they come down with illnesses without a second thought.
April Rivera Dr Galante Stamps Health Services
Professor Clarke demonstrated the utmost in caring for a person who was experiencing some negative reactions and needed his support and encouragement.
Terry Blum Jonathan Clarke Scheller College of Business
Rachel volunteered to come work in the pharmacy when another volunteer was unable to come in to work. We rely on our volunteers to help us provide timely service so her coming in was helpful for us and for the students we service.
Janet Foley, Pharm.D., R.Ph. Rachel Gilmore STAMPS Health Services Pharmac
492 Friendly greeting Vlad Oge Unknown W02 parking deck
Debbie brought chocolates in for the the whole staff on Valentines day! Thank You so much for your thoughtfulness and wonderful "pick-me-up"
Roseann Starke Debbie Spillers Stamps Primary Care
Supporting a friend through a serious crisis and stepping up in so many ways to ease the burden.
Jennifer Gagen Jenna Robinson Flag Building
Teresa just came into our office this morning and just starting passing out bottled water and snacks. She said she had a surplus and just wanted to share with her colleagues. I'm having a great day!
Stephanie Ray Teresa Forts Student Services Building
On Wednesday, 2/15 I witnessed a guest lost on 3rd floor of the Student Center. Lance, a Building Manager in the Student Center was in the process of completing a room setup when he was asked for directions. Although the lost guest only wanted directions, Lance insisted on walking the guest to their destination. He paused on performing his room setup and walked the guest to where they needed to be. Great job Lance!

Marcus Mister Valance Loyd Student Center
I watched funny AKPsi recruitment videos with Aashal, and we talked about doing similar videos for our chapter. Aashal then proceeded to hug my head and give me this coin.
Aashal Dave Reena Thaker Scheller
56 Helped someone clean up their spilled food off the floor Graham Hoskins Kyle Jarrell Theta Xi
Denise is always gentle and kind with our patients, today she received a student who was frustrated that her appt had been cancelled unbeknownst to the student. Denise gently talked to her and assured her that we would honor her appt with Dr Richardson. The student was very grateful for her kindness and effort to rearrange our schedule to accommodate her.
Barrie Denise Stamps
Ambria offered to give my husband her Matt Harbring bobblehead because he lost his at the basketball game. Ambria also gave the Fair family her basketball tickets so that they can enjoy going to a game! Thank you so much Ambria.
Denise Fair Ambria Berryhill GTAA
Chris is very kind; he is always willing to help others. He will come in on his day off if he knows we are busy an short handed.
Jennifer Ayers Chris Cooper Stamps Pharmacy
23 helped a girl pick up her cards when they blew away in the wind Apurva Kasam Bridget Eisele Square on fifth
Dr Richardson is incredibly kind. Friday 2/17/17, one of the providers had an emergency and left work early. Dr Richardson stepped up adding an additional patient to her schedule even though she did not have any available appointments. She did this act of kindness for the patient and her fellow co worker- unbeknownst to both parties involved. Thank you for being the KIND person you are!!
Barrie Dr Richardson Stamps
On Friday we were short handed due to a co-worker out on FMLA and Dr. Moore jumped in and helped out with the front desk and Training the temp and bought everyone lunch for our team work.
Thanks again Dr. Moore for your act of kindness you Rock!
Sherika Henderson Dr.Moore Stamps
Michelle has been consistently kind to everyone she comes in contact with. She demonstrates that kindness by going out of her way to help others be successful. Although she just joined our team within the last few months, she has already made significant contributions to the success of others by sharing information, looking for new insights, and helping them to be successful by providing support. We love having her on our GTSC team.
Sonia Alvarez-Robinson Michelle Powell Georgia Tech Strategic Consulting
438 Debbie has been providing food to people in need in our community. Paula Gaffney Debbie Spillers
249 Gave a hug to a friend in need of one. Zach Steinfeld Stephanie Pham Scheller College of Business
During GTSC's weekly Huddle Meeting, Sonia recognized Michelle with a kindness coin for her caring and focus on team spirit, team building and inclusiveness. Michelle is excited about this program and it looking forward to being able to pay it forward.
Sonia Alvarez-Robinson Michelle J. Powell A. French Bldg.
19 For being the best friend even when times are rough. Shirali Desai Emily Lehman Everywhere she goes
Is a true friend and amazing co-worker; shows compassion and kindness towards me every day.
Ellie Cantkier Kelly Lee Georgia Tech Athletics
Georgia is always concern about eating healthier and sharing healthy tidbits with others. She makes "No-Stir Granola", for herself, family, and to share with others. This morning, she presented me with some of her "No-Stir Granola". Love the taste! Many thanks to Georgia for her "Kindness", it was right on-time!
Teresa Forts Georgia Braxton My Office
After feeling under the weather for about a week and traveling for work, Ellie went out of her way to check on me and see how I was feeling. While it seems small, it is always refreshing when someone you work with shows they care by checking in on how you are doing. I appreciate Ellie for recognizing that personal piece of the day-to-day grind.
Whitney Burton Ellie Cantkier GT Athletic Association
82 Spending hours building a new beautiful backpacking rack Anna Harrison Tyler Young ORGT
246 surprised sick friend with soup hannah koenraad lillie gluck field residence hall
073 Spreading happiness and joy to GroupMe's and in person everywhere Adam Clenney Maddie Puhy Everywhere
254 Watched a random person's things while she went to the restroom Darby Foster Emma Flynn Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons
He is always super nice and supportive. And instead of ditching class, he decided to stay with me :-)
Emily Lehman Asher Berman COB 200
Helped put together information for Office Of International Education Fair with the Travel Immunization and Allergy Clinic, working on her own time when her car was broken and she was out of the office. Always helpful with technical and communication information. One of those smiling faces on campus (like the other folks in Health Promotion) that offers help, even when you don't ask. Been meaning to say thank you.
Melanie Thomas Christine Kapurch Stamps Health Services
Stopped Paul on the way to class and asked him about his day and for him to "tell me something good"
Paul Anderson Suraj Sehgal Near the IC
I gave this coin to Kevin because I believe he is a person who can and does perform kind acts daily. More importantly, his influence among his peers can inspire them to follow his example.
Dori Pap Kevin Boldt Scheller College of Business
Dr. Richardson accepted an add on patient from me late in the day. She spent a lot of time with the patient and showed great compassion for the frustrated patient. The patient walked away smiling and with hope that things would improve.
Kim Bell Dr. Emily Richardson Stamps Health Services
She appreciate me making coffee for the clinic daily with special creamer and natural sugar for those who need some. The coffee is back in the lab/ radiology area.
Berdia Brunson Jana Kendrick Stamps Health Services
Lucy was posting some posters of encouragement across campus. When I noticed and asked what she was doing, she said that she just wanted to make sure people knew that we were collectively rooting for them. She highlighted that just making it this far (getting into Tech) was an accomplishment in itself. I ask for some flyers to place in locations that I convened in and preceded to give her a kindness coin. She was elated.
Alex Grady Lucy Squires Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons
So, this is my roommate. It was his birthday a few weeks ago. Prior to that, he told me and my other roommates to mark our calendars for the weekend after his birthday for a surprise. I had no clue what it entailed, but assumed that it was to celebrate his birthday. When the day came, he told the surprise saying that we were going to Lenox Mall so he could treat us. He gave all three of us $110 t spend on anything we wanted just because he wanted us to be fresh. It meant a lot, not only because he wanted to buy something for me, but also because it was his big day, not ours. I was touched by the selfless act and will truly remember the day hoping that I can somehow match that level of kindness.
Alex Grady Avery Bartlett Eighth Street East Dorms
Always being available for a chat and always sharing fun and encouraging words and gifts to me. With the student-athletes she works with she is a mom away from home!
Kelly Lee Teri Anton Bobby Dodd Stadium
Delaney always asks me how my day is going and greats me with a smile. Today was a hard test day for me, and she still managed to make my day brighter on Tech Walkway this morning.
Lindsey Eidson Delaney Murphy Tech Walkway
Stepped away from her desk to quickly organize and chair an improtant impromptu meeting.
Gregory Moore Faith McKay Stamps Health Services
352 I asked her how her day was and she gave me the coin!! Lindsey Eidson Delaney Murphy Skiles Walkway
275 Voluntarily taking Freshmen around to visit upper-class housing Lincoln LeRoy Mary Wildner West Campus
She made signs for the lockers of everyone on the team going to the ACC championship for track and field
Erin Gant Rebecca Entrekin Women's Track and Field Locker Room
Sheryl was most kind recently to help me with a snag that I encountered with technology. She was so positive and encouraging as she worked with me to fix the issue. In addition, Sheryl infuses her signature humor into many situations and lightens the day.
Pam Hunter Dempsey Sheryl George Scheller
Angelo is always ready to help me interpret Xrays when I need a second opinion. He does this with a smile, no matter how busy he is. I appreciate it!
Emily Richardson Angelo Galante Stamps Health Services
019 brought joy to his life Asher Berman Elizabeth Bugbey Scheller
019 encouraged her to be the best possible version of herself Elizabeth Bugbey Antonio Goncalves Sigma Nu
140 Being a listening ear and never failing to make me smile Kaela Frazier Pranusha Atuluru North Ave
Consistently brightening the days of those around her and offering words of wisdom and empowerment
Kaela Frazier Meera Rajagopalan North Ave
Bringing homemade baked goods for students on a stressful day in the middle of the week. An act that required consideration, forethought, and time from her own busy schedule to do something nice for everyone else.
Chris Cooper Courtney Moore Engineering, Science, & Technology
165 Support of Cowan Turner Servant Leadership Program Bob Thomas Gilbert Miller Scheller
015 Supporting teammates in maintaining positivity during emotional times. Aimee Gerold Danae Argyropoulou Roe Stamps Field
022 Helping other students catch up with coursework to help each other succeed. Aimee Gerold Kylie Cordova DM Smith
For spending a full day with doctors at different hospitals to help out a friend who got in a bad accident.
Ahmed A. Aly Hélène Piquet CRC
397 Sharing the skittles that her team won in trivia Rebecca Entrekin Kira de Bruyn Athletic Association Lobby
464 Caroline Dotts Elisha Quillen Smith CRC
On February 27th, Michelle gave fellow GTSC team member Tanika the GT Kindness coin for her willingness to share her knowledge and time to help me handle an event.
Michelle Powell Tanika Kyle A. French Bldg.
Let me use his padfolio like 30 minutes before an interview because I left mine at home
Katie Walker Griffin Schmitt Alpha Sigma Phi
Lucille is a ray of sunshine - every time I am feeling down, she is the first person to lift my spirits. I am so thankful for her positive outlook on life and I know she is leaving a resounding impact on those around her.
Katie Walker Lucille Wang North Ave South
Leah spotted a coworker in need of help lifting a heavy object, so she jumped up from her desk to lend a helping hand.
Julia Snell Leah Miller Scheller
Elisha is borrowing a bike to try out commuting via bike. My son and I got to ride with her for her first ride!
Elisha Quillen-Smith Becky James CRC
Chase made me a strawberry cake filled with yogurt and pineapples, then held the cake all together with Pocky sticks! :)
Madeline Ben-Yoseph Chase Lewis North Ave South
021 For being a wonderful friend and always being there for me when I need it Lucille Wang Jackie Elliot Culc
Gaurav recently got a new position for which he was excited about. Instead of receiving thanks as usual, Gaurav went out of his way to bake a brownie treat for the lab to celebrate the position! His selfless action to share the happiness and excitement earned him a kindness coin!
Ahmed A. Aly Gaurav Batra MARC
Devin is one of the most thoughtful and kind people I know. In this instance, he was willing to go out of his way (despite his very demanding schedule) to help my research group with some key measurements.
Muhannad Bakir Devin Brown Marcus Nanotechnology Building