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During the week of November 14th, Sam proposed two student-led expeditions to the ORGT committee. Both were excellent. The amount of time devoted to creating these proposals was inspiring; the intentionalty woven into each proposal was impressive. His motivation was beyond his own opportunity to be associated with these expeditions; it was about creating meaningful experiences for other Georgia Tech students.
David Knobbe Sam CHaneles CRC / ORGT
Shawn has provided great mentorship to countless members of the ORGT community. Shawn truly invests in the development of others, and is a great friend and leader.
Sam Chaneles Shawn Gregory Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech
Had a recognition party for her employee that just completed his MS degree Nazia Zakir Meagan Fitzpatrick EHS
Julie Elion has impacted my life as a Georgia Tech employee on more than one occasion and I am, therefore, recognizing her with this Caring Coin. During the past 15 years that I have known her, she has "cared" on too many occasions to list, but to name a few:
- whenever I needed help designing a postcard, poster or advertisement for our Campus Services Loves Students events
- whenever I needed help distributing information at displays, most recently at our orientation summertime Expos
- whenever I needed help with the Auxiliary Services Council of Georgia annual meetings, most recently the plans for the 2018 meeting
Not only does Julie help, create and design but she does it with a smile, amazingly good and always dependably.
Melissa Moore Julie Elion Student Center
Bogna is a wonderful person who is constantly caring for those less fortunate; be it people or animals. She collects food for weekly donations to the women's shelter and volunteers at local animal shelters.
Meagan Fitzpatrick Bogna Grabicka 793
After learning about our co-worker's accident Jihan spearheaded efforts to send our condolences from the department.
David Lacy Jihan E Charles-Morgan Northside & Marietta St.
I made her food and brought it to the Clough building because she had too much work to do
Maithili Appalwar Yash Punjabi Clough Commons
Because she bought me baby Vicks when I was sick. Aroua Gharbi Hemaa Selvakumar Homepark
Linda keeps Stamps Health Services clean and smelling good. She often goes out her way to assist others. Her personality keeps you laughing. She has been a great assistant especially when I was not feeling well. Great Customer Service.
Eric Farmer Linda Dillard Stamps Health Services
Cares about including people at the Geosociety Wilson Espinoza Mahdi Roozbahani Mason 2260
Rod invited Kwasi Appiah, who does not have family in Atlanta, to Thanksgiving Day dinner. This was held at Rod's home with a number of his family.
Michael W. Edwards Rod Bolden CRC
Years of acts of caring, both in doing the right thing and helping people. As in specific acts she has gone above and beyond to help people navigate the difficult process, as well as dozens of small acts of kindess.
James Turner Lydia Liford Centennial Research Building
Belal has a kind and giving spirit. Despite being across campus, he always seems to know when I need a little sunshine. He will often bring Starbucks giftcards or poundcake from the GT farmers market...little things to brighten my day.
Lisa Tuttle Belal Elnagger Carnegie Building
Plamen noticed my discombobulation with my computer mouse. He suggested that I use a wireless mouse. Without my asking, he gave me a wireless mouse from home that he no longer uses and set it up for me. Now I have a mouse I use easily.
Maureen Rouhi Plamen Tassev Dean's Office, College of Sciences, Tech Tower
For her commitment and compassion for elevating student health and well-being for the GT community!
Caroline Dotts Hannah Brink CRC
Ken went out of his way to assist me with the installation of a new computer system for me.
GP Bud Peterson Ken Poor President's residence
Dr. Heath always goes above and beyond for anyone she interacts with on a daily basis. I've witnessed her on several occasions coaching coworkers on how to train and exercise better.
Tabarrion Stoves Dr. Diane Heath Stamps Health Services
Elise is the coordinator of ORGT's freshman leadership experience, C.O.R.E. She is the primary contact for 20 incoming freshman, has been since September, and will continue to be so through middle of May. She meets weekly with the group and coordinates adventure trips each month. I spoke at a recent CORE meeting and had the opportunity to watch how students responded to her uplifting, positive style. She is clearly an important support for each of the CORE students during their first year at Tech. Interviewing several of these students, they have made it clear that their initial semester at Tech would have been far less sussessful without her support.

It's not that Elise demonstrated a single act of caring, thus deserving this recognition; instead she makes it a priority to treat all with kindness and respect every single day.
David Knobbe Elise Sims ORGT / CRC
Rod has always cared about me in different aspects of my life. I am fortunate to have him as a close friend.
Mahdi Roozbahani Rodrigo Borela Mason 2260
Inquiring about my day and being a friendly person to talk to. Rachael Wisely Samuel Jerome Grad Commons
Amanda always brings in extra food and goodies to make peoples' days. She never has a mean thing to say about anyone.
Will Lassiter Amanda Chu ISyE Main Building, PhD Lounge
Charlie has always selflessly helped me with the President's Institute Address Audio/Visual setup. He is always there for me when I need help and know I can 100% count on him. He has a very kind and caring attitude about him and is a pleasure to work with.
Ken Poor Charlie Wright President's Institute Address Clough 152
Made me an espresso to help me be focused for an important meeting Amanda Chu Adrian Rivera ISYE Main
Clarence has such a positive attitude. Temetrius C Pankey Clarence Day Campus
Craig leads the Scheller College of Business Undergraduate Program with his heart before his head. If you know him, you know that he goes out of his way to make everyone he interacts with feel special.

I am consistently amazed by his ability to listen. He works with thousands of current and prospective students, but when he talks to you, you are the only person on his mind. You know he is sincerely listening because he remembers what you say and then makes a point to follow up with you. The first time I visited Scheller, my mom came with me. Still, over four years later, he asks me about her. He's had a profound impact on my life at Georgia Tech from day one, and every other student that I've talked to about him, expresses similar sentiments. I am grateful for the care that Craig shows my peers, our Scheller community, and myself. This Caring Coin is a small token of my appreciation for all that you do.
Dianarose Fraum Craig Womack Scheller College of Business
Christmas party and lights show for members of staff, invited kids to come and see Christmas in the Grove
Debbie Spillers Dr. Diane Heath involved SHS employee/SHS
David spent countless hours developing a tutoring program for his cohort in order to help educate them in class. His efforts allowed his cohort, and future students, to succeed in analytics.
Samuel J. David W. Scheller College of Business
Kendric delivers our mail twice a day. There is not a single day that he does not come in with a smile on his face and he makes sure he greets everyone with a hello. It truly brightens our day. Just recently he has taken upon himself to give a candy treat with his greeting. He shares his friendliness with everyone and brings good cheer to all.
Stephanie Johnston Kendric White Carnegie building
Had a rough start of the day and she took the time to listen to my problems. Melissa Arceneaux Maria Pinto Procurement & Business Services Office
Always asks how I am doing, even when she just gets a grunt in return. Kristin Andreassen Leyla Larsson ORGT, CRC
Consistently looking out for me and making sure that I am doing ok David Knobbe Kristin Andreassen ORGT
Jumped his car during his time of great need Matthew Lemons TJ Kim Atlantic Station
Jiaxing has given me a lot of support in my classes and kept me motivated through the hard times at Tech.
Rodrigo Borela Jiaxing Su Mason
We went through a tough class together. We support each other JIAXING SU Sangy Hanumasagar Mason
Thank you for caring for your coworkers, your company, and your career. Georgia Tech PMML Program Robert Brice Online Course Environment
Thank you for caring for your coworkers, your company, and your career. Georgia Tech PMML Program Chad Crumley Online Course Environment