Health Trails

Health Trails will continue throughout the fall with the addition of the Financial IQ Challenge! Students, faculty and staff are invited to take part in the 6-week long competition beginning October 2! The program will be designed to allow you to track the following three activities:  steps, gratitude, and participation in the financial IQ challenge. Simply set up your Fitbit or Jawbone device to the HealthTrails app and take on the virtual challenge for automatic tracking of your steps walked or partake in the financial IQ quiz. 

Registration & Tracking

Fall Registration: September 18 - October 23

  1. Visit
  2. Register for HealthTrails using your Georgia Tech email address. 

This program will allow you to focus on tracking three healthy habits every day of this 6-week long program. All three healthy habits contribute to your total virtual mileage traveled. Five winners will be chosen from each institution, at random, at the end of the challenge.